2020 Fall Calendar for Bird Club meetings and field trips,
and other birding events

Additional details of field trips may be posted to the State College Bird Club listserv group.

Details of how the regular meetings will be held during the pandemic are being determined.

Regular Meetings: (more details will be added)

September 23, 2020 (Wednesday)
Regular Meeting

Program: Don Bryant will give a program titled:  "Claws and paws: a pictorial tour of the endangered raptors and megafauna of southern Africa"

October 28, 2020 (Wednesday)
Regular Meeting

Program: Brandon Hoenig will give a program about Louisiana Waterthrushes

November 18, 20 (Wednesday)
Regular Meeting
Program: Alisson Cornell will give a progam about American Kestrels

December 9, 2020 (Wednesday)
Regular Meeting
Program: Lauren Pharr on will give a program about bird banding

Fall Field Trips of the State College Bird Club

(to be determined)

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